Principal's Corner

Mr. Floyd Dinkins

Head shot of Mr. Dinkins

Message from Mr. Dinkins

Dear Sandy Run K8 Family,

Welcome to the start of a brand new school year! We hope you all had an amazing and rejuvenating summer, filled with adventures and cherished memories. As the new principal of this incredible school, it is my honor to welcome each and every one of you back to our halls of learning.

This year, our school is embracing a powerful theme that illustrates our collective journey together: "Unleash Your Potential". 

It is a reminder that within each and every one of us lies incredible talent, creativity, and the ability to achieve greatness.


At SRK8, we believe in creating an environment that nurtures growth, fosters curiosity, and encourages exploration–for our teachers as well as our students. Our dedicated teachers and staff are here to guide and support our students on this exciting journey of self-discovery. And we are here to support our teachers in the same journey.


We are passionate about igniting the spark within our students and helping them develop the necessary skills to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Remember, it is not the limits imposed upon you that define your potential; rather, it is the belief in yourself and the determination to go beyond those limits that truly matters. Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, for the possibilities are endless when you unleash your potential.

Throughout the school year, we will provide teachers and students with a diverse range of opportunities to explore different fields, discover their passions, and cultivate talents. Whether it's participating in learning teams, engaging in community service, or challenging yourself academically, each experience will help you unlock new dimensions of your potential.


As we embark on this journey together, we encourage you to support and uplift one another. We are a community of learners, where each individual brings something unique to the table. By fostering a supportive environment, we create the perfect conditions for everyone to thrive and unlock their true potential.


We have no doubt that this school year will be filled with achievements, breakthroughs, and moments of awe-inspiring growth. Together, let us unleash our potential and create a legacy of excellence at SRK8 that will resonate for years to come. Feel free to email me with questions, concerns, or suggestions.



Floyd W. Dinkins III and Michelle Bradley